Teesside University | Your Next Destination

Teesside University | Your Next Destination

Middlesbrough, a major city in northeastern England, is home to Teesside University, a state institution of higher education. Originally founded in 1930 as Constantine Technical College, the school expanded its academic offerings and facilities when it became a university in 1992.

There are many undergraduate and doctoral programs to choose from at Teesside University. These can be found across the university’s many departments and colleges. The university has also set up a number of study centers, some of which are concerned with digital innovation, others with the future of society, and still others with students’ health and well-being.

Students at Teesside University are from diverse background

The faculty and staff at Teesside University are dedicated to giving their students as many real-world opportunities to learn as possible, and they do so by providing a variety of internship and work-study programs.

The university has established partnerships with numerous regional and national businesses to provide students with opportunities to acquire professional experience and make connections in their chosen fields.

Modern amenities such as a library, sports facilities, and multiple cafes and restaurants can be found on the campus, which is conveniently situated in the middle of Middlesbrough. The university has recently spent a great deal of money creating new, cutting-edge facilities, such as a £20 million health and life sciences building, a £22 million center for engineering and advanced manufacturing, and a £20 million student life building.

Researchers at Teesside are taking part in an international collaboration

Over one hundred different nations are represented among Teesside University’s student body. All students have access to a wide variety of resources designed to help them succeed academically and emotionally because of the university’s dedication to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

In general, Teesside University is a progressive, cutting-edge establishment that places a premium on hands-on training and the acquisition of real-world knowledge and experience for its students.

If you want to see yourself as a student of this marvelous university begin your application today

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